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Notes from a Remodeling & General Contractor for the Wichita, KS Area

Why Guttering is Important in the Wichita, Kansas Area

In Kansas, the exterior of your home receives a variety of weather conditions including extreme temperatures, rain, snow, sleet, ice, wind, and hail. But rain water has the potential to create damage to a numerous aspects of a home.

Since Wichita, KS and surrounding areas receive on average 32.64 inches of rain each year, the average house’s roof needs to discharge approx. 55,000 gallons of water each year. With that much water, these areas of the home are susceptible to damage from faulty guttering:

  • Roof – sheathing may experience dry-rot because the water wicks back under the shingle
  • Fascia – can retain water behind an improperly installed gutter causing dry-rot
  • Soffit – if the fascia is left alone, rain water can begin to damage the soffit
  • Siding / Windows – siding can become inundated with water when the wind blows rain run-off onto the side of the house
  • Soil – dirt around the home may erode because gallons of water pour off the eaves of the roof or from an incorrectly installed downspout, washing dirt away from under sidewalks and driveways, flower beds and landscaping
  • Pest infestation – termites and other wood-boring insects need constant moisture to live
  • Basement – may experience mild to severe flooding because water is allowed to collect next to the house, creating hydraulic pressure, forcing water through small cracks in the basement wall
  • Foundation – cracks may form in the foundation with excessive water, or the foundation may settle or shift creating cracks inside the home

A properly installed seamless gutter system can provide short term and long term protection benefits.

Next month, we’ll talk about the various seamless guttering and drainage options, including gutter guards/covers, gutter cleaning and repair services, and rain diverters.

In the meantime, if your home is experiencing any of these problems or it needs a new guttering system, we provide free seamless guttering estimates for homes in the Wichita, KS and surrounding areas.