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Remodeling in Detail: Tiled Shower & Options for the Bathroom

We are starting a new series of posts that will occasionally cover various specific aspects of remodeling. From the bathroom to the kitchen, we hope to cover some of the finer details when it comes to some of the bigger remodeling options and features. To start off, we will be covering tiled showers and their installation options.

Advantages of Tile

Ceramic & marbled tile is a popular material for showers because of its many advantages including:

  • Long-lasting, durability for years
  • Easily repaired by replacing chipped or damaged tiles
  • Easy to keep clean / low maintenance
  • Available in a large variety of colors and patterns
  • Can be customized to just about any size/shape

Ceramic Shelves Installed in Corners Vintage Tile Glass Accents in Tile Shower Surround Marble Tile Shower with ADA Faucet & Toilet Tile Installed on Shower Ceiling

 Custom Built Tiled Showers & Options

While tile can be more expensive than other shower materials for a standard installation, its ability to be customized is one that other materials have a hard time matching. A complete custom tiled shower can include everything from a tile shower pan to custom sizes and locations within the bathroom as well as:

  • Custom insets for shampoo’s and soap, or soap dishes to match the tile
  • Rain heads, body jets, and hand held accessories can be installed with a diverter
  • Grab bars to match the accessories
    • Manufacturers like Moen, Delta, or Price Pfister make shower valves, shower head, diverters, towel bars, grab bars, and etc. in the same series, and finish colors for a complete matching bathroom
  • Can be installed with a pre-formed fiberglass pan for a more cost effective approach but with limits:
    • Shower surround can be installed up to 6’, 7’, 8’ , or to the ceiling height
    • Tile can be installed on the ceiling of the shower area
  • Advantage of custom tile pans – can be made in any size, it is the preferred choice for cosmetics. 
    • Since they can be made in any size, the drain can be positioned as desired as the slope can be tailored towards the drain. Note that on occasion we’ve encounter floor joist interfere with where the drain can be centered so it isn’t always possible.
  • Tile showers are constructed with ½” cement board on the walls on the tile, a rubber mill liner flashed up the side walls of the shower, a proper drain assembly, with cement poured to slope
  • Zero entry (ADA) options available including the ability to accommodate a wheel chair, just be aware this can require structural changes in the floor system
  • Tile patterns can include decorative tile bands, multiple sizes of tile, tile on diamond point
  • Recessed water tight can lights can be installed
  • Shower surrounds have numerous choices available with glass thickness, glass color, glass pattern, frame color, function, etc.
  • Tile showers can be built with-out having to completely remodel the bathroom

 Satin Finished Hand Held Shower Faucet 2"x2" Ceramic Tile Floor Custom Tile Shower Remodel Framed Shower Lip with Tile Custom Tile Backsplash

Ready to add a Tiled Shower to your Bathroom & in the Wichita, KS area?

At S&A Construction, we build and install custom tile showers with tile or fiberglass pans to any size with insets, benches, soap, hand held water accessories, diverters, body jets, rain heads etc. for those in the Wichita, KS metro area. So if you are looking for a remodeling contractor in the Wichita Kansas area, feel free to give us a call or e-mail.

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As always, let us know if you have any questions, other ideas, or comments!