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Roof Warranties with Insurance Certified Contractors

In this post, we will be discussing one of the most critical benefits and reason a homeowner should select an insurance program such as Lionsbridge or First Choice Repair.

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When you are considering a contractor for your roof replacement, many companies offer labor warranties for a period of time that will be backed by the company who will replace your roof. However, many labor warranties only cover the source of the leak only which can leave the homeowner with interior repairs after the damage has occurred.

Furthermore with the economic environment today, will the roofing company still be in business in that period of time or will they even service the warranty if problems occur? With many homeowners, if problems arise and their roofing contractor fails to respond, it can cost the homeowner hundreds to thousands of dollars in extra repairs, with little recourse available to them.

Why choose an Insurance Certified Contractor

Homeowners who choose insurance programs like Lionsbridge or First Choice Repair receive a warranty that is backed through the insurance programs themselves.

That way if problems do arise, as part of the agreement with the insurance carriers and insurance programs, the certified contract must service their customer, the homeowner, and correct all issues that arise if it is considered part of the warranty.

As an Insurance Certified Contractor, company’s like S&A Construction must pay into a warranty fund that is there for the customer’s benefit. This warranty will also be serviced even if by a different contractor on the insurance programs. Under the insurance programs, the labor warranties are as follows:

  • All roof replacements come with a 5 year labor warranty;
  • All roof repairs come with a 1 year labor warranty;
  • All repairs such as siding, gutter, & etc. come with a 1 year labor warranty.

Increased Level of Security & Professional Work

Working with insurance programs will provide a level of security with all roof replacements and other repairs that is arguably the best in the industry. All companies, such as S&A Construction, Inc. in Wichita, KS, that participate in these programs have had background checks, credentials verified, trained, and will work diligently to provide a professional, seamless experience for all insurance related work.

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